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Regulatory Conditions of Purchase

(1) The supplier shall ensure that the products delivered comply with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006
about the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (“REACH Regulation”). The substances
contained in the Supplier’s products are, to the extent required under the provisions of the REACH Regulation, preregistered or registered after expiry of the transitional periods, unless the substance is exempt from registration.

(2) When the headquarter of the supplier is based in countries outside the EU, the supplier is obliged to appoint an Only
Representative (“OR”) according to Art. 8 REACH Regulation with headquarters in the EU, who is to be announced to
preOx.RS by name with indication of the address. The OR undertakes all registration and other REACH obligations of the
supplier. If the OR has carried out a pre-registration or registration, this is to be communicated to preOx.RS with indication
of the registration number. In case of a change of the OR or discontinuation of the OR’s activities, the supplier shall inform
preOx.RS immediately.

(3) Supplier assures that products delivered do not contain any substances of the so-called candidate list according to
article 59 paragraphs (1) and (10) of the REACH Regulation. Supplier is committed to inform preOx.RS immediately in
writing if – for whatever reason – products delivered contain substances of the candidate list (Substances of Very High
Concern, SVHC); this applies particularly in case of extension / addition to the candidate list. The supplier shall name the
individual substances and communicate presence of its mass concentration (w/w concentration) as precisely as possible.

(4) If hazardous substances in the sense of the regulation or products are delivered in which during their application
release of such substances cannot be excluded, the supplier must provide preOx.RS or the service provider commissioned
by preOx.RS with the data required for the preparation of the safety data sheet without being asked to do so.

(5 a) The Supplier assures to comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/821 regarding Union imports of tin, tantalum and tungsten,
their ores and gold originating form conflict-affected and high-risk-areas.

(5 b) Supplier agrees to comply with the conflict minerals requirements of section 1502 of the Wall Street Reform and
Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank Act”). If conflict minerals supplied by the supplier are required in the
manufacturing process or for the function of the products, their origin shall be disclosed. Upon request, the supplier shall
provide preOx.RS and the companies affiliated with preOx.RS with the documentation on the use and origin of conflict
minerals required under the Dodd-Frank Act in full and without delay.

Beselich, June 2021