Salem - Gastroduodenal probe, 50 pieces

For gastric decompression and medication

  • Closed distal end
  • 2. ventilation lumen
  • proximal end with 5 in 1 step adapter
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Consists of a lumen for suction drainage and a smaller ventilation lumen.
This design makes the probe particularly suitable for intermittent suction drainage.
for higher suction capacity or for continuous discharge at low suction capacity
ideally suited.

Indications for use:

- Decompression treatment of the upper digestive tract
- Gastroenteric medication
- Therapy of gastrointestinal bleeding and mechanical obstruction
- Taking stomach samples for laboratory analysis
- Flushing without interrupting suction


- Made of thermosensitive PVC
- 4 depth markings at 10 cm intervals starting at 47 cm from distal end
- X-ray contrast line, punched through at 8 cm, last proximal eye,
for optimal position control
- 8 Drainage eyes
- Funnel attachment with 5 in 1 connector
- Length 120 cm

Additional information


CH08, CH10, CH12, CH14, CH16, CH18, CH20

Packaging unit

50 pcs.